Welcome to AK Birding

The birds are winging it!

Looks like it's that time of year, and the birds are on the move. The local birding forums have some interesting posts:

AK Birding Group
Boreal Birder
Alaska e-bird
Eagle Chat
Beringia Birders
The Alaska Bird Observatory

There are many other interesting sites for Alaska birds and birding that can be found by searching the 'Net.  Here are a few:

Alaska Rare Birds List
Anchorage Audubon Society
Denali National Park

I've made some progress toward a forum and a photo gallery for birders. I'm about halfway finished, but if you would like to take a look, click on "Alaska Bird Photos" or "Forum" at th top of the list under the bird photo.  Shouldn't be too long before it's fully functional.  In the meantime, I may need to approve registrations and/or comments because of spamming. If you do look it over, let me know what you think by using the "contact us" for e-mail.

You can help by taking the poll below . . . or use the "Contact Us" for e-mail.


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